Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough - Emily Dickenson

Anonymous asked: You are a beautiful person. I just thought I'd let you know that :) have a beautiful evening/morning/afternoon.

Thanks :) is this Allison??


if you’re having a bad day here is a baby polar bear being tickled


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me at school

  • me: the fuck is this
  • me: who the fuck are you
  • me: dayum pull yo skirt down please
  • me: walk faster fuckface
  • me: fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
  • me: no you're a whore
  • me: dont touch me i have more followers than you
  • me: i wonder what would happen if a guy with a gun came in right now
  • me: pew pew nigga
  • me: i'd push you in front of me whore

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  • when a girl wants to kiss you: she plays with her hair, looks down, fiddles with her fingers, and waits for you to make a move
  • when a boy wants to kiss you: smiles nervously, tilts his head slightly, and waits for the right moment to make a move
  • when I want to kiss you: I look at you from a distance, and start sobbing about how ugly I am and that I'll die with 80 cats, approximately



My absolute favourite cat ever. This is a manul, or pallas cat. Found in the Afghan mountains, they’re one of the oldest pure-blood cousins of our own goggies.


they look like fat balls of rage

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